For starters, it is very important for us at Organics Fulfillment to operate as a lean manufacturing facility. That does not only mean from a financial sense, but also from an environmental standpoint. We do not over-order on any of our raw materials, packaging supplies, or equipment.

It is critical we do not over-order on any items which may create the sitting of items for extended periods of time. Although some items may not have expiration dates such as containers, we do not want this to tun into unnecessary waste later on, even if that is a remote possibility.

Therefore, part of our process as a lean manufacturer is to order items on a minimal basis- only as needed. Essentially, a Just-In-Time (JIT) model. While this does have a beneficial financial impact on areas of cashflow, it also has an impact on the earth later on. And while we do recycle, it is better to order less on the items we need now, rather than to over-order on items we may not need later on. This creates a more sustainable process in our operations and environmentally as a whole. 

Sustainability is Essential

When at all possible, we reuse any item that we can, in effort to reduce waste. There are of course, items we need to remove from our facility such as used gloves, empty cardboard boxes, and others. But we order items in smaller quantity so nothing is ever over-stored, or unused altogether as mentioned. When possible, we will reuse the items that we can, as long as it is safe, sanitary, and practical. And later, we will be sure to recycle. Our facility is equipped with a recycling system which is used daily for any materials that we discard. For all glass, paper, and cardboard, we recycle these items regularly.