What is a product mockup? 

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A product mockup, to put in layman’s terms is essentially a graphic image of what a product will look like in finished packaging with the brand label. It could also be a mockup of your entire product line, or entire brand of products, altogether.

A mock up of individual products can be used for your websites product images instead of a real photo – this is very common in today’s world.

Mockups look clean, detailed, and contain the same details as your product, but in a graphic format.

We have used both real photography and also mockups for some of our brand websites.

Depending on your goals, you may want to incorporate both real photography with mock ups.
Mockup’s are a must-have. These will most often be used in marketing campaigns – email marketing, direct mail marketing, posters, banners, online advertising and more.

We can assist with your product mock ups at anytime.