Organics Fulfillment

Since 2017, Organics Fulfillment has been manufacturing a wide range of products for hemp and CBD brands, worldwide. Licensed under the USDA Hemp Foods Program. All products are manufactured locally in the United States.

Through the last few years

We have seen an expansion in a variety of sectors, specifically as it relates to the hemp industry. We’ve seen the hemp industry begin with a singular cannabinoid: CBD; to now extending into many other cannabinoids including CBG, CBN, Delta-8 THC, Delta-10 THC, HHC, and more. We have seen the ups and downs as it relates to the farming industry, with the constant fluctuating economics of raw hemp supply and demand.

We have gotten through the COVID-19 pandemic, and now in 2022 we are experiencing a significant amount of worldwide inflation, including a war in Ukraine, and economic uncertainty. All of these have certainly played into where we, Organics Fulfillment, are at right now. One thing we can say for certain is that Organics Fulfillment, with your help, will continue to grow.

Our purpose is to provide safe, high-quality, and effective products. Our range in our scope is not limited to cannabinoids, but also skincare. And later, other verticals including nutrition and dietary supplements. However, our focus right now is to provide all hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Our Values

At our core, Organics Fulfillment holds a few main values as a whole: Quality, Relationships, and Education.


is critical for any manufacturing facility. Quality is critical in food safety. As an FDA Registered manufacturing facility operating in the United States, we must maintain food safety at all times. With quality also comes transparency. Quality and transparency go hand in hand. Transparency allows our customers to understand what goes into our products. It is important that we are always on the same page with our customers in regard to ingredients we use, and also for those who conduct inspections for safety & quality. Additionally, each product we manufacture will have a QR Code on the labels that points to a lab report for each individual product.


are also at the top of our list in terms of our values. It is our policy to develop a genuine, supportive relationship with each of our customers, and to cater to each of them, no matter what. We care about each of our customers and it is out top priority to be available, to listen, learn, and support each customers needs, at all times.


is also critical. With the emerging hemp industry, there is some uncertainty about education. And ultimately, we feel a lot of the education falls on our shoulders. We are a hemp licensed manufacturer, and we are responsible to our customers for providing quality products. But we’re also responsible for educating our customers.

Therefore, instead of us simply providing products and letting our customers figure it out, we will do a thorough label compliance review prior to that customer offering those products to be sold. We educate our customers on label compliance, licensing requirements, objective website review, medical claims review, marketing claims review, and more. We are not a new company. We are not new to operating businesses in the United States. We understand that there is a limited range of what can be said, or what can be claimed.

Education is a fundamental part of Organics Fulfillment operations. We are here for our customers, we are available for our customers and we appreciate our customers. Education is something that is part of our process.

For example, when we work with our private label customers we know that there is a responsibility legally, which all must adhere to, as it relates to product labels. If that customer does not adhere to correct label practices as per the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), then the labels are not in compliance. We know that the USDA will not allow those products to be sold.

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We are a state-of-the-art manufacturer specializing in the private label and contract manufacturing of premium hemp-derived products, and skincare products.

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