When you sell private label CBD products, you don’t have to worry about research and development costs or tremendous amounts startup costs weighing you down. There are still, some steps that are important to take when first starting out.

1. Find your niche market of who you are targeting and how you are targeting them. There are lots of white label CBD markets you can sell to, and it’s important to consider each of them before you begin. That way you can create a brand that your products will be sure to be suited for. Otherwise your brand will not be suited for your customers and your sales may not be where you want them. 

Some of the white label CBD markets are: 

  • Beauty / Skincare CBD Products
  • Pets CBD Products
  • CBD Vape Products including CBD Vape Cartridges and CBD Vape Juice
  • CBD Beard / Hair products
  • CBD Health products

To figure out specifically what to CBD marketing to sell to, think about the different niche markets within those categories and learn about which items are most popular. You will want to launch your CBD white label brand with enough variety so you have a robust offering and not have any delays when customers request other items. When you sell to your specific market, you can use more targeted strategies to get your brand and products out there. 

2. Find the CBD white label manufacturer

Once you know what you want to sell, look for CBD manufacturers and suppliers who have those items. Some CBD manufacturers may specialize in a specific CBD product category. Organics Fulfillment offers a wide range for most all CBD white label customer categories. For something very specialized we will want to go over the project details with you to ensure proper formulations. 

Get your list of CBD manufacturers and contact them to see if they offer private labeling. If so, inquire about setting up an account. Organics Fulfillment works very closely with customers from the start, and you will be in good hands with a customer-oriented team who prides themselves on working closely with each customer. Also be sure to ask if the manufacturer has a minimum order quantity, as you’ll need to navigate if you want to hold the stock or set up a prepay account with the manufacturer and order on-demand. Organics Fulfillment offers a very low MOQ for white labeling, the lowest we’ve seen nationwide. 

  1. Try to order CBD product samples. It’s important to try out the product yourself before you add it to your brand line up. While something may look great online, and even sound great once you’ve gotten in touch with the manufacturer, the reality may be completely different. You will want to do your due diligence to ensure the quality of products is up to your standards and expectations.

4. Set up your website

You have your manufacturer and your products—now it’s time to setup your website. I. If you need help, Organics Fulfillment offers web site support for you. Whether or WordPress, Shopify or BigCommerce, Organics Fulfillment can assist with getting your established online for relatively low cost. Once you’ve set up your online store, you will want to have a CBD merchant account so you can process your hemp sales. We will refer you to a CBD reputable bank who will set you up without delay. A hard part with the CBD industry is knowing which banks will approve your CBD business. Many simply cannot. So we will be sure to refer you to a reputable bank that allows CBD merchant processing. 

5. Add your products to your website

If you need help adding products to your website, we can assist with that or show you how. We typically won’t maintain a customers website for them so it’s important you have a general idea of how to do some things, or know someone who can maintain the website for you. When adding products to your site, you will want to make sure you: 

  • Have Good Product Descriptions. Including ingredients, bottles sizes, serving sizes, and anything compelling that should be noted as worthy to the customer. 
  • Have High Quality Product Images. Using high quality images will be appealing to customers. Try to compress the images so they don’t slow down the website. Make sure the quality of the image isn’t compromised when compress your images. 
  • Website Pricing. Take a look at some of your competitors to see what the average prices are for your target audience. You probably won’t want to be too high, or too low. Your pricing should be competitive enough but you will also want to leave enough room for any marketing campaigns you do with specials, coupons, or promotions. 

6. Launch and market your store

When you’re ready to launch your website and private label CBD products to the public, it’s not as simple as turning on a switch. You have to build awareness and drive traffic to your site if you expect to make any sales. 

For CBD markets the best marketing tools are often with organics methods such email marketing to your existing customers, social media posts, free content marketing tools such as Youtube of Facebook, and of course, Search Engine Optimization. 

Best private label manufacturers for creating a custom-branded product line

While many private label manufacturers may seem similar, it’s important to vet them carefully to find the one that suits your online business, now and in the future. You have to consider what types of products you want to make and sell, where you want to sell and ship them, and how high you can price them.

Launch your private label brand

Starting a private label brand takes the hassle out of product development, a big challenge for many entrepreneurs. You can start your own private label CBD brand and work directly with manufacturers to create CBD and hemp products your customers will want to buy—all with your unique branding and logo on it. Private labeling CBD and hemp products is a great way to get started selling your own products online. 

CBD Private label FAQ

How much does CBD private labeling cost?

At minimum, it costs at least $1,500–$2,500 to start a private label CBD or white label CBD business. Your biggest expenses are normally ordering startup samples and setting up the basics of your business- your website, payment methods, and order fulfillment. Learn more about working with manufacturers above.

How do I price CBD private label products?

To price your private label products, consider manufacturer costs, shipping fees, and the expenses associated with selling your products (including website, marketing, and payment processing fees). Once you have a number, compare it to your competitors to see how you stack up. You can test to find out which price your customers are willing to pay while you still net a profit.

How do I create a CBD private label?

Follow the steps listed above and outlined for you: Find your niche market to sell CBD products. Contact the manufacturer. Order samples. Get your website up and running. Add your your products onto your website. Launch and market your website.

Can you make money private labeling CBD?

Yes, you can definitely money private labeling CBD products. Follow the steps in this article to find out how to make money selling white label CBD products.

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