Before you work on your label designs for your products you will want to first be sure your brand logo has been completed.

The logo will be a representation of who your brand is, and what your brand sells. Your logo should not contain too many letters or too many words. It should be concise, clever, and compelling.

If your logo is not completed, we can discuss that and you can decide if you would like us to design your brand logo.
However, it is not a typical service we offer, simply because we would like to see at least the basic brand-framework in place prior to us getting started, including your logo and brand name. But the logo will be your first priority before we create your label design for you.

One thing we should mention is that before your logo is created, you will want to be sure your brand name is chosen.

So lets back up

The brand name truly will be your first step in starting your brand- pick your brand name and identify your customer market.

Step #1

Pick your brand name and identify your customer base.

Step #2

Design your logo.

Step #3

Pick out your products you will be selling.

Step #4

Work on your product label designs.

You will want to make sure you have completed those first three steps before designing your product labels, otherwise you will be working backwards and potentially have to adjust your brand look, recreating labels, and potentially having to do a lot more if your brand does not match your customer audience you are targeting. As a side note- also try to secure the domain name (url) that matches your brand name. It doesn’t always have to be exact. 

But the good news is we will be sure you have these steps completed prior to us working on your label design. We will be consulting you through these steps when we begin working with you.

We know about trial and error- losing time and money from making mistakes. We have done it ourselves, and we will simply steer you in the right direction so you don’t have any of those same mistakes.

We want to make sure you are working progressively to build a good brand, and moving things along in a proper order for your benefit.

Each of the label designs we do for your will be USDA compliant for CBD and hemp-derived cannabinoids. We are licensed by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), and we follow their guidelines on proper label compliance. We understand each element of compliance and you will be in good hands with us working on your labels for you.

Additionally, we will review each of your labels prior to us printing them for you to ensure they are in-fact compliant.

If you have questions at anytime or would like to discuss label design for your brand, please email us at or fill out a form below.

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