Private-Label CBD for Dogs: The Benefits

The health benefits of cannabidiol, or CBD, are widely known by now. CBD has been clinically proven to reduce anxiety and other symptoms of depression, and to support good heart health by lowering rises in blood pressure due to stress. It is especially helpful as a natural sleep aid, and its calming effects extend to helping control seizures related to epilepsy and related illnesses. Its natural analgesic properties make it effective against certain kinds of pain, and it has been proven to alleviate some cancer-related symptoms as well.

What’s less well known is that each of those benefits can also extend to dogs.

Why CBD for dogs?

Dogs of any age can suffer from stress and anxiety just like their owners. Some of that stress is shared: the same demanding schedules that breed stress in our lives can stress out our pets, too. Some are more specific to dogs themselves, and can be more difficult for their owners to anticipate. Dogs can be especially susceptible to stress caused by abrupt separation from their owners, limited opportunities for outdoor play, or long stretches of time spent alone. 

Whatever the cause, some anxious dogs can become rowdy, aggressive with others, and destructive to property; others can become so withdrawn that they refuse even to eat properly. Even when we guess correctly that stress is to blame, it can be difficult to change the source of that stress, or to treat its symptoms.

To help support the dogs who support us, more and more owners are turning to CBD oil and other CBD-based dietary supplements. 

What are the benefits of CBD for dogs? 

Dogs of all ages can benefit from CBD’s calming properties. Regular supplements can help dogs accommodate new schedules and long periods alone at home, and even well-adjusted dogs benefit from CBD’s gently soothing qualities when traveling, or during with stressful events like fireworks displays.

As dogs age, CBD can become an important part of their regular care regime. It alleviates the pain associated with arthritis and other inflammatory complications, reduces nausea and other gastrointestinal complications, and as with humans can help manage the symptoms of many forms of cancer.

Are there any dangers of CBD for dogs?

Of course, there are some potential drawbacks to CBD for dogs. It may be difficult to determine the ideal dosage for a given dog’s needs. And poorly manufactured CBD products may contain significant quantities of THC, the psychoactive element of marijuana: THC can be downright toxic in dogs.

A growing market = huge opportunities

More than 60 million households in the US alone own at least one dog. As CBD’s benefits to dogs and owners alike become more widely recognized, the market for pet-specific CBD products is beginning to explode. 

Why choose Organics Fulfillment to private-label CBD for dogs?

Organics Fulfillment makes it easy for anyone to serve this fast-growing market with ready-for-retail products manufactured and branded to your specifications. 

We produce high-quality CBD products made to the exacting standards required by pet owners: our painstaking extraction method guarantees that no THC ever enters our products. From traditional CBD oil to a range of ready-made dog treats, we’re ready to match a line of products to your marketing vision.

We even provide custom brand-design services that can quickly adapt an existing company’s existing brand assets to a new product, or help a startup make its mark with expertly designed original logos and packaging.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or a small business owner, you’re not alone in considering the opportunities presented by CBD-powered pet supplements. The field may be wide open for now, but that won’t be true forever. That’s why Organics Fulfillment works with companies to produce custom formulations of pet-friendly products. We’re here to help get your business off the ground, and when it’s time to truly differentiate yourself, we’ll be ready to grow with you.